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Graves Family
(2014-09-20 11:06:22)

New photos and information for the Graves tree has been added.  

My ggg-grandfather Jeremiah Graves:

Jeremiah Graves

My gggg-grandfather Bela Graves:

Bela Graves

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Rhea Richmond - KIA September 3, 1944
(2014-05-26 08:23:03)

Remmebering this young man who died while serving his coutry in World War II.  I'm still looking for more information on him (birth, where he served and where he died).

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Ireland Genealogy Headstone Index
(2014-05-24 10:06:04)

Here's a nice index of Ireland headstones with photos.  Searching it can be a bit time consuming, but it's much faster than doing it in person!

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Family Tree Software Updates
(2011-09-11 09:30:03)

The family tree section has received some long over due updates and enhancements:

  • Documents, Photos, and Headstones will now show a larger view of the item when hovering your mouse over it.  This will let you preview the item without having to click on it.
  • The search page has more options and advanced features.
  • The places page now shows a graph of the top 10 locations in the database.
A number of other small improvements have been implemented as well.

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Emily Geiger Family Updates
(2009-12-18 14:54:33)

Thanks to a distant cousin Susan B., we know quite a bit more about the family of Emily Geiger (She was married to William J. Kenna - they divorced later).  Susan provided this information quite a while ago, but I'm just getting around to posting it now.  The new information here is about Emily's mother Antoinette Zeiser and her family, all from Germany.  See the partial pedigree chart below - click on it to go to the chart and browse.



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James McKenna, b. 14 May 1810
(2009-06-16 16:18:13)

While searching the Limerick Ireland Genealogy database ( for birth records on James Kenna found here in my database, I found a James McKenna born or baptized 14 May 1810.  The record is from the St. Michael's (Roman Catholic) district in County Limerick.  His father is listed as Michael McKenna and mother as Catherine Collopy.  There was no other information on the transcribed record.

This could be the guy I am looking for (the date and location are matches), but I can't be sure since I don't know his mother or father's names.

(This search cost me 5 euro!!)


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Frederick Oliver Ouellette Updates
(2008-09-06 12:39:59)

Frederick Oliver OuelletteMany thanks to Robert Marchand for contacting me with 8 generations of ancestor information on Frederick Ouellette (1884 - 1934).  With his help we now have information on the Ouellette/Willette family line back to the 1600's in France.

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Hans Hansel Family Tree Added
(2007-12-27 10:57:03)

I've just completed digitizing and uploading a Hansel/Hansler family genealogy based on an old book that I believe was compiled by (Benjamin?) Franklin Hansel, 1853-1940. Hansel is one of the family names that connects to the Willette/Ouelette line on this site. The book starts with Hans Hansel around the early 1700's, and it is mostly a list of names with some personal accounts. The bulk of the information (412 people & 147 families) has been loaded into the family tree database - but there is more that I did not input yet. The records start here with Hans Hansel and his descendants.


Photo from Jacob Hansel/Hansler (gg-grandson of Hans Hansel) family reunion, 1 Jul 1916.

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Little Falls, NY Old Mill
(2007-12-21 10:15:41)

This photo was taken in October 2006 near the old mill area of Little Falls, NY looking west down the Mohawk river.


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Wondering about Michael Kenna, 1845-1904
(2007-09-10 20:30:12)

Q On my quest for relatives I ordered a copy of the Civil War pension file (certificate #577430) for a Michael Kenna (1845-1904). He was a private in Company C, 74th Regiment of the NY Volunteers from 7 Jul 1861 to 6 Jul 1864. He was born 1845 or 1846 in Ireland to John Kenna and Kate Gleason (both of Ireland), moving to the US around 1854. He was married to Mary Ralph (b. 1842) on 6 Feb 1868 by Rev. Father O'Burn/Byrne at St. Michaels Church in Flushing, NY. They had at least two children: Annie Kenna, b. 13 Feb 1872, and Mary Kenna, b. 9 Mar 1881. Michael died at the age of 58, on 24 Jan 1904, at Laurel Hill, Queens, NY, from a cerebral hemorrhage. He is buried at Calvary Cemetery.

I can't be certain he is a relative, however, his mother's name of Gleason shows up elsewhere in our family tree. Perhaps St. Michaels church or naturalization papers can help prove or disprove a connection.

If you know this man or his relatives, please let me know.

UPDATE:  The nice folks at St. Michael's Church did a search for the marriage record and could not find one for them on the date above. :-(

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